About Us

Who we are
Top Skylight Roofing (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia with the objective to be one of the leading awning and canopy roofing contractors. Our core business is Glass Roof Skylight, Solid Polycarbonate Roof, Aluminium Composite Panel Roof, Metal Deck and Mild Steel Louvres. We provide value-added engineering expertise from consultation, design to installation.

We are currently located in Klang Valley and provide service to clients with properties in the commercial, industrial and residential. Since our inception, we have done many roofing projects in Klang Valley, the surrounding vicinity, and development projects outside of Klang Valley. We have many client referrals and satisfied customers.

Our competent staff performs site surveys to provide advice on space management, structural support, product options according to the building structure, surroundings, and of course decorative touches that will enhance the beauty of the building. In our country, there are cultural and ethnic taboos (Fengshui/pantang) and we take all these into consideration in the design and material used.
We have a team with experience and technical knowledge of metal, glass, polycarbonate, aluminium panel characteristics, and building / structural technology. Our team is familiar with our tropical climatic conditions where we have hot and sunny days and tropical thunderstorms with sudden high winds capable of tearing off lightweight structures. The hot sun may cause discolouration to inferior materials. At all times we comply with governmental regulations. When necessary, in compliance with client’s and insurer’s requirements. During installation, our team will keep the place tidy and try our best to minimize inconvenience to our clients.

Awning is a supplemental roof that is mounted outside a window, doorway, or patio. Whereas canopies are free-standing. Both are functional to provide protection from sun and rain, There is also the beauty aspect example timber pergolas or Balinese pergolas. To support the roofing we use hollow steel structures, T-Beam structures, solid treated timber, and pergola. Due to the design of buildings when awnings are mounted there may be a decrease in natural light inside the building. Many clients want both the awning and natural light. Hence glass or solid polycarbonate is preferred.
Glass are excellent in withstanding even the harshest wind or rain and less noisy during heavy rain. Consequently, building owners are able to keep walkways, entrances and sitting areas free from extreme weather elements. Laminated glass is usually used. In choosing glass, consideration ought to be given to weight, structural support, safety, thermal and solar performance.
Polycarbonate is lighter,built for longevity, these enhanced UV-resistant solid polycarbonate sheets are the perfect choice if you want extended service life and color-shifting resistance. Clear SL Polycarbonate sheeting is great for withstanding harsh environments.It allows light to pass while reflecting heat. Polycarbonate is less expensive than glass.
Aluminium Composite Panel consists of two aluminium prepainted sheets sandwiched between a layer of polyethylene core making it an excellent roofing material. They are light weight, high thermal insulation suitable for our climate, tough and looks good with cost advantage.

We work with pride with safety in our stride.

Safety cost less than accidents.

Integrity is the seed to success and has passed the test of time.

Think about customer & give them your best; believe in what you do, never compromise on safety and integrity.

A thousand projects, a thousand success.